The EfonVNC project is an open source Windows CE Toolset. It contain a free remote control tool and other system utils for Windows,Windows CE 5.0, Windows CE 6.0!

What is the EfonVNC server? The EfonVNC server is an open source remote control tools, which is based on RealVNC. It make the GUI based remote controling on Windows CE family become more simple. It is freely available to download and use for you. If you need this software, you could get it from the following link address.

What is the Regimp? Regimp is a Windows CE registry import tools. It has command-line and GUI running mode. Please read the README in the doc directory. It would be use in all Windows CE support hardware platform. - New

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Choose the suitable software for your Windows CE

Here is the Efonvnc v4.3
Here is the Regimp v1.0

Download the Efonvnc source code - New

Here is the lastest source code

Thanks for these contributors

Johan Henning (Netherlands)
Thomas Romanowski (Germany)

© 2008 Peica Chen (China)